Do not forget what in modern world "do" the business man, not only suits, the boots, expensive perfume, the advanced cars, but also man's fashionable hairstyles.

   If discuss about hairstyles and hairdresses it is necessary to consider, that the man is not less than the fine ladies, tend to a limit of beauty, first of all to beauty of own body - hairdressers should give an attention to a strong half of mankind not less, what unfortunately meets extremely rarely. Men, without any desire go to "uncomfortable places" often visited by women. And so, dear men, I want to suggest you to distract from big city nervousness, in silence of a comfortable private cabinet of a beauty salon, in the centre of Kharkov with a convenient parking, in pair minutes from the underground.

Salon service:

-Hairdressing based on hair structure and form of the face.

-Preparation of hair for a hairstyling: washing.

-Qualitative hairstyling (should be convenient in an everyday and easily keep within, at hair growth shall have a decent view).

-Washing away of sheared hair.

-Masking grey hairs (if there is a need).

-Head skin light massage (cooling tonic for a skin or Spa oil).

-Hair set.

   Forget about that times, when for a man's hairdressing has to be sufficient to sleek a hair or two times touch a hair by hairbrush - now you can experiment with new styles, choose a short hairstyle that looks like " David Beckham ", or not bury in oblivion old and checked style, or to wear one's hair long, as you wish, and I will help you with it.

   And the most interesting! Dear men, do not think that if it is a hairdressing salon and all is absolutely sad and uninteresting. Even in a beauty salon may be place for high technologies:

   Hairdresser's Japanese scissors KASHO , are made with infallible accuracy, made from high-carbon steel which forming under a high pressure, that provides stable intramolecular structure of metal and its most optimum hardness at level 60 on a scale of Rockwell. And sharpening manually by masters with the unsurpassed qualification that be inherited through generations of Japanese smiths. It allows scissors KASHO for a long time to keep faultless sharpening of a cutting edge which provides the softest cut. KASHO - in translation from Japanese "master of fire": KA - fire, SHO - master.

   And I will make your hairstyle by using such scissors and what to speak about hairbrushes …


    SPA - procedure based on curative properties of water, natural components of the medical plants arrange a body and a soul. Absence of noise from the outside, the soft light, the muffled music with sea sounds, massage on ayurvedic medicine technics and good natural cosmetic for improvement and care of hair and a body – all promotes a full relaxation.

   This is a kind of massage which is applied as an optimum way of relaxation and stress removal. Antistressful massage necessarily includes head massage, mentions of collar area and hands that well influences the general state of health and blood supply, improves brain blood circulation, removes headaches and burden in a head. Esthetic part — well-groomed hair, thanks to a special method of work with hair and a head skin and aromatic compounds.

   Basically, in an aromatherapy ayurvedic acupressure technics which perfectly helps at the general overfatigue, used for stimulation of cerebration, simplification of shipping of stressful situations, overcoming of fears, alarms and uncertainty.

   Thanks to this massage and high-quality aromatic oils blood circulation therefore the general condition becomes quieter improves, it allows to eliminate, or, at least, to operate daily stress.

    In structure of Italian cosmetics Davines, which is used in SPA – procedures, includes exclusively natural components possessing medical properties.

Masking grey hairs

   Pigment shampoo COVER 5' for active men who caring about himself. That give a very natural and hardly noticeable result. Can mask your grey hair with an effect that suits your natural hair colour. When hair will start to grow - the marrow of one's bones not will be visible, through short time the effect will disappear. Procedure of grey hairs masking will occupy only 5 minutes.

   Also COVER 5' underlines a hairstyle and a relief of hair, and their colour looks fresh.

   Traditionally the best line of cosmetics for men is considered production of American Crew - is exclusive cosmetics for real men, is best in the European and in the USA market. It intends to meet requirements of men clients to give them necessary services in salon and at home. For many men hair dressing became for a long time as an important part of personal care. As a result young men give particular attention to a restorative for the hair set, and men of advanced age are concern by preservation of a hair colour and prevention of their loss.

   Production of American Crew is on sale exclusively in hairdressing salons.

Culture of personal care

   In my salon during washing of hair I use shampoo from American Crew , that I recommend to do at home since the structure of all shampoos includes the extract of a soap tree which is replacing a harmful alkali. Balanced PH, thyme and rosemary give strengthen to hair, calm and soften a skin.

   It is imperative in home hair care to use conditioner! At first, after use of the conditioner in the morning yours hair "are not broken", at secondly, during head washing there is a strong clarification, it purge some useful nutrients and a cover substance of skin. It is necessary to humidify and feed your head skin with the conditioner, it prevents a hair from fall and while protect hair and skin whole day. Do not hasten to take away from your lady hers conditioner, it is intended only for women, it will be extremely grease for your head skin.

   Waxingfor a final styling also are ideally. These are is wax-washers which contents are easily for use. Now the XXI-st century, and all occurs quickly, pound wax in hands and wipe in hair. In the morning awake touch lightly and go.