SPA is a unique complex of procedures directed on a psychophysical and emotional state, this complex improvement and a relaxation of all organism as a whole. SPA-procedures activate metabolism processes, improve blood circulation, deduce toxins and slags, restore structure of hair, improve the general condition, weaken and calm.

   SPA - procedures is a combination of cosmetic procedures with programs of organism relaxation. Therefore medical procedures are combined with massage and various weakening technicians. In result, after SPA-procedures, you saturate with vital energy and good mood, your organism will rejuvenate that is important for achievement of necessary effect on a problem part. Remember, SPA is a pleasure and beauty in one!

   I offer for you SPA - procedures for hair with medical line Natural Tech, professional cosmetics for hair a premium of classDavines.

   Lamination of hair by mud cure (detoxication)

   At today's abundance of cosmetics to keep health and beauty of hair is simply - it is necessary to take care about them regularly and correctly. But cosmetic means weren't as though good, sometimes hair to look as if on a cover of glossy magazine need something special. Show business stars always look is more magnificent, their hairdresses with brilliant streaming locks is due to envied only, but now with new achievements in sphere of the hairdresser's art, shining beautiful smooth hair without exfoliation - a reality not only for celebrities, but also for all interested persons.

   Newest technology of a premium class of treatment and giving to hair of a healthy appearance and lamination hair shine. The given procedure not only is absolutely safe, but also is very useful. The lamination essence consists in drawing on hair of special composition, on the basis of natural components. Lamination of hair by mud cure DAVINES detoxicant and anti-oxidant action, humidifies and feeds hair, and also gets into a stem of hair and condenses it.

   Lamination of hair by mud cure DAVINESis intended for all types of hair, for the hair polluted by emissions in environment and at long contact to harmful substances, containing in pool with chlorine, the sea (salt of heavy metals), hard water (surplus of salts and to exhaust). The lamination system delicately deduces toxins and deletes pollution from a head skin and hair. Hair instantly look healthy and shining.

   System composition fills all roughnesses in hair structure that procurement health, growth and absence of fragility. After procedure, you will see that your hair have taken a healthy form and live shine, and hair became much thicker and is expand more. Lamination also is effective before coloring of hair and treatment. At coloring, lamination prolongs life to a hair color: from the beginning, from 3 till 6 weeks lamination washed off, and only then paint.

   In general, have tried lamination on the hair, you will understand, why, doing a compliment to your hairdress, those around will choose word combinations: "looks expensively".


   Aromatherapy complex includes oxygen shampoo with effect of a scrub which will prepare delicately, but deeply head skin, stimulates microcirculation and improve saturation of tissues by oxygen, preparing a head skin for absorption of aromatic oil active components. It is especially recommended for a skin with the lowered tone and suffering from an oxygen lack.

   Protective cream-conditioner strengthens a hair shine, reduces fragility and does hair silky, is used in a combination with aromatic essence of Natural Tech series.

   And certainly how as without massage on ayurvedic medicine technique, under special music with sounds of the sea with relaxing lotion well weakens, improves elasticity, a food and microcirculation of head skin, renders calming and relaxing action on all organism.

   Royal care

   Damaged hair become very fragile, easily break and hair comb difficultly. To solve this problem the restructuring mask "Keratin miracle" Davines for strongly damaged, dry and fragile hair for which deep restoration is necessary.

   Hair basis is a keratin, the major protein giving to hair elasticity and natural protection. Procedure of a deep hair reconstruction promotes deep penetration into damaged fragile hair of nutritious, restoring components and restores it from within that forces hair to look perfectly outside.

   Natural dyes from DAVINESfor direct hair lamination

   Our hairs aren't protected often and they are influenced by adverse factors of environment. And as a nervous tension, improper feeding, a chemical wave and decolouration, hair drying, dryer and so on. To sustain all it and to remain healthy and beautiful, reliable support is necessary to our hair. Such, as an absolute innovation from company DAVINES DAVINES - direct lamination of hair FINEST PIGMENTS!

   Procedure of lamination by FINEST PIGMENTShas in the basis principle of encapsulation each hair, creating a unique covering from cellulose. It does a surface of hair equal and smooth thanks to what high level of elasticity and glossy shine is reached.

   FINEST PIGMENTSon 98 % consists of natural components, doesn't contain ammonia.

   FINEST PIGMENTSis ideally suited for toning of natural hair, for gradual transition from one color to another. The effect of lamination from 3 till 6 weeks continuability.