Wedding is very important and a special day for the newly-weds. In day of your wedding you should look impeccability, you should look individual and remembered. And in this I can and I want to help you. I offer wedding service of beauty in Kharkov at your home. The wedding stylist is one of the central specialists in preparation of a celebratory view of bride and certainly a future husband. The wedding stylist, possessing high qualification and experience, will help to make you a really unique wedding image, considering each detail of style and all your wishes. In the wedding day, undoubtedly, the most irresistible and fine is a bride. And how is the man? Do not forget about a preliminarily made qualitative hairstyle and certainly hair setting which looks like from a magazine cover, in this holiday.

   Your hairdress will be excellently for a long time, that provided by moisture-proof professional stuff and will allow you to stay wonderful over a day. In my work I use styling stuff of various premium class professional lines TIGI, Green Light, American CREW , etc. I work with hair of any length. For visage I use only luxe qualitative professional French cosmetic line Belavance La BIOSTHETIQUE, M.A.C., MAKE-UP ATELIER , and also other lines Paris Berlin, SLA , concern their pluses an firmness and a high quality of structure. The wedding make-up should be faultless and you don't need to spend time to correct it.

   I will offer to you different variants of hair-sets and I will help you to be defined with a hairdress approaching to your style.

   In further we will discuss:

-whether is an a sample hairdress and make-up is necessary for you;

- whether preparation of hair is necessary for you: care of hair of unique procedure of natural lamination from Davines restoring their structure, coloring of hair, a hairstyle (paid services).