If you have found oneself on this site its means, you have faced with a problem of a choice of the eminently suitable master and cosmetics for your hair in the Kharkov city. Certainly, under circumstances of a megacity and at our mad rhythm of life not always there is a time for own hair, and very vain, after all that nothing like hairdress and colour of hair does not beautify the woman.

   Care about hair is an art. The fashionable hairstyle, a healthy view and a hair shine, professionally selected colour that all is an result of mutual understanding, between the client and the master, who should consider not only your face type but and a structure of hair, also a life style, and even a character.

I want to offer for You such services as:

-all kinds of female hairstyles, the hairstyles-transformers which are not demanding long setting

-modern hairstyles on long hair

-hairstyles for man's and children's

-intensive therapy for the damaged hairand and SPA-procedures. More detail in section of menu SPA and care.

-colour change - all kinds of colouring of hair with a revolutionary hair-dye LUXURY от Green Light®

-hair setting such as fashion, party, evening and wedding

-magnificent evening hairdresses for long hair and hair of average length

-unique wedding hairdresses on any length of hair and visage

-visage for celebrations and photo-events with french professional cosmetics MAKE-UP ATELIER and M.A.C.

   I make all hairstyles by professional scissor KASHO for hairdressing salons from Japan. Which has a unique "supersharp" cutting edge which provides the softest cut which replaces a hairstyle with hot scissors!

   It is easy to take care about modern hairstyles they a practically do not take a time for setting and are capable to make each woman unique. They do not have strict frameworks, and I have possibility to play with any details or length and I can create the form which shall ideally suit for you, to a face form, fashion, a life style. And correctly performed hairstyle considers the way that hair will grow, therefore the hairdress does not lose the form on growth's hairs.

   Long hair is an always feminity and romantic, I am glad to offer the clients modern hairstyles on long hair.

   Bring to me your children. I with pleasure will make hairdress for your child fashionable and interesting, even if the child already absolutely adult. It is to be surprising be the involuntary witness of a growing of my clients: only now we cut out lightnings on hair, and simply now we prepare for a leaving party.

   I also will help you to create cocktail party hair set , celebratory, for night club, a business meeting, photo and video session, high life, corporative party, birthday, anniversary, romantic appointment, wedding day, a graduation party. View of hair set should be airy not ornateness with cosmetics. And at the same time hair set should be well fixed, a steady with both, in the hot summer and in the damp winter, to be comfortable and not to bring inconvenience to person, who it decorates.

   To make magnificent evening hairdress of long hair and hair of average length is not a problem. Especially today braid elements are actual in hairdresses: bundles, plaits. It is possible to use natural flowers, pastes and unusual materials - for me there is nothing impossible!

   But the most important thing is cosmetics which I offer for You.

   Hair is a delicate matter to put them an irreparable harm is simply, but to return it to life and give strength it is so much more difficult. There is a possibility to return a hair well-groomed and healthy view quickly.

   Creating line for home care for hair Essential Haircare, specialist Davines, similarly sorcerers of age-old times, have collected together ancient tradition of treatment by grasses, achievements of a modern science, love to world around and each person. Essential Haircare – natural oils and essences of grasses, flowers and fruits of the Mediterranean. Action of products Essential Haircare fast, effective and purposeful.

   Production Davines is on sale exclusively in beauty salons.

    Colouring of hair is one of the most accessible ways to considerably change an appearance, to become more appreciable and attractive. Colouring gives completeness to any hairstyle, doing hair live, impressive and sated on tone.

   I'm professional colourist, a master of colouring of hair and give a special attention to process of consultation with client, carrying out of diagnostics and design of the individual recipe.

   I offer an elite colouring by unique cream-paint LUXURY with White Tea and an Orchid Extract Green Light®. Paint with pleasant aroma and minimum, not having analogue in the world, quantity of ammonia. In a mix with Dairy oxidizer provides unbelievable shine, naturalness of colour and long duration.

   I'm recommend soft cream-paint without ammonia TONALITY from Green Light® This nonaggressive, dermatology safe colouring for hair which can even be applied for pregnant women.